What is it?


Metatron 4025 Hunter is an advanced Diagnostic Device for physical examination & analysis system, using the light wave quality to scan and detect the status of the human body or to trace the abnormal conditions in the tissue, cell, chromosome, DNA, molecule or entire organ, and then provides treatment.

How Does It Work?


All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain.
We use special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it.
Thereafter, images are displayed.


Things you will know through Metatron:

1. What allergies or sensitivities you may have
2. What foods are the most suitable for you
3. Status of each of your body systems, organs, tissue, cells and DNA
4. Status of your immune system
5. How bad bacteria, parasites, fungi or viruses are affecting your health
6. If you have nutritional deficiencies
7. If you are taking the right supplements
8. If you have inflammation in your body
9. Why your energy is so low
10. How your digestive system is functioning
11. Why you have difficulties maintaining your weight
12. Why you are fatigued
13. How your lifestyle is affecting your health
14. How your genes are impacting on your health
15. If you have heavy metal toxicity
16. If you need antioxidants
17. And if your body organs functioning at their optimum level




1. Metatron NLS is safe, cost effective and 95% accurate!
2. It can automatically localise where there are cell changes, inherited conditions, and finds the reason at the genetic level.
3. Metatron stimulates the target area with the appropriate resonate frequencies and re-energises the target area, such as the cells or organ, to restore the natural healing processes of the body.
4. Metratron also can do iridology and acupuncture on meridians of the hands, ears and feet.
5. Results are easy, fast and very precise


Experience it yourself!

To describe all the benefits and great benefits of this is nearly impossible, so experience it for yourself.



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