Smart Pulse is very innovative home health-care device which can measure your Heart Rate Variability, Stress level, autonomic nervous system function and Arterial Health Condition.

Why use it? It is used to detect the Cardiovascular Diseases & Adult Diseases in the early stage by analyzing the function of the autonomic nervous system, the stress status, the aging of their blood vessels, and their blood circulation. Measurements are accurate and easily monitored.

Diagnostic Infrared Thermal Imaging System

Physical/Emotional Stress Analysis is an engineering discipline that uses many methods to determine the stresses and strains in materials and structures subjected to forces.
Stress factors that can be tested for include:
Heat stress
Fatigue from repeated loading/unloading
Chemical corrosion


1. Stress Measurement
-Physical / Mental Stress
-Stress Resistance

2. Arterial Health Monitor
-Level of Arterial Health
-Blood Circulation & Vessel Condition

3. Cumulative Test
-Enable to have the continuous management

4. Breath Training
-Improve the ANS Function
-Control Stress

5. It can be used not only as a diagnostic device to detect early warning stages of cardiovascular health problems but it also addresses the mental health issues faced by many today – sleep disorder, burn-out, depression, fatigue and so on.


Additional Benefits

Meet the requirements of occupational safety regulations in compliance with risk assessment
Get an objective assessment of the mental demands of jobs in your company
Can use our analysis to improve jobs in terms of their psychological stress
Benefit from our long-standing experience and from the expertise of our large network of experts, which includes occupational physicians, psychologists and health care managers
Benefit from the quality of training of our staff through regular training and advanced education


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