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(Princess Town)

“May God continue to enlighten and bless you. You have made a profound impact on my life. I look and feel better now that I’ve lost weight but gained both muscle and water weight. You showed me that a healthy body begins within.

It was horrific to see what was on the inside such as an acidic system, with unhealthy blood cells, chunks of cholesterol and waste in the blood. An ordinary blood test at the hospital or private lab would not have shown this.

However, because of your advice, I have made some life-style changes. Never in my life would I have believed that I’d enjoy eating more fruits and veggies, exercising regularly, or chewing foods without drinking. There are so many more of your suggestions that have me on the way to being a new and improved me.

The journey is still a struggle because I still fall into the trap of eating sweet things. I still need your guidance every now and then. Hey, if I started, anyone can.

Thank you so much Jo-Anne. Keep up the excellent work.”


(San Fernando)

“A year ago, I started experiencing numbness on the left side of my body and sought medical attention. The treatment included Ultrasound, MRI, MRA and Blood Tests for diagnosis and a drug regimen of Blood thinners, Cholesterol-lowering and Hypertension medications.

The numbness, which occurred almost everyday, lasted several seconds at a time and continued unabated. It was a frightening experience each time, as I regarded this medical problem as an indication of an impending stroke.

I decided I would try Alternative Medicine and I told my friends that I had started Biofeedback sessions, and also Nutritional Live Blood Analysis. I started balancing my Energies and Lifestyle and eating habit changes. They were amused and one said that I can as well give my money to charity instead.

Today, for the first time in a year, I can testify that for a month, I have not experienced any bouts of numbness. I have prayed everyday for relief and I thank God for His guidance in seeking and benefiting from these services. I pray and hope I will remain in good health.

My friends are all amazed at my results so far.”

Thank You Jo-Anne



“Based on actual experience, I readily endorse and recommend the Balance Life Systems Programme.

I first visited Jo-Anne and entered the programme in April 2012, at which time my weight was 188 lbs, my BMI was above the ideal (26) at 28 and my Body fat % Lean Muscle Tissue/Body Water Ratio was out of balance. My Blood Pressure reading was a consistently high 139/89 and, worryingly, my Cholesterol and LDl readings were continuously high at 246 and 173, respectively.

After restoration two months later, my weight was down to 178lbs, my BMI was down to 26 and my Body Fat/Muscle/Water ratio was heading in the right direction towards balance.

My Blood Pressure reading was down to a consistent 114/72 and, finally, after many years of trying to re-establish control, my Cholesterol and LDL readings were down to 237 and 162 respectively.

I am living testimony that, once you are prepared to fully commit to the programme, you are assured of success!”


(Diego Martin)

“Having completed the Biofeedback program, I can truly say that I continue to enjoy so much joy, love, peace and overall emotional wellness in my life.

This program was one of deep healing which has allowed me to let go of past hurts and pain and I’m able to love again like I’ve never been hurt before. It’s a truly amazing experience. It has revealed a consciousness within me and I’m being gradually led to fulfilling my life’s purpose for which I had been searching for some time. This is all happening as my energy fields that have been blocked over time, have been cleared for me to be able to realize my full potential.

I was driven as a result of High Blood Pressure to improve my physical health and I therefore had the Live Blood Analysis done. The quality of my physical health has improved tremendously in a period of 30 days, by simple following the dietary plan and supplements as advised and my Blood Pressure has normalised once again.

So thanks to these services, I now enjoy the feeling of being whole in mind, body and spirit. These services are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in their well-being.”


(Princess Town)

“I was first introduced to Biofeedback about four months ago by Ms. Jo-Anne Phillip, my coach and mentor. I had low self-esteem, very little confidence, unable to speak at public fora, even among colleagues at staff meetings or within small group discussions.

These negative layers had to be swept away as I was preparing for a compulsory four week public speaking event. Biofeedback helped me in many ways. It literally stripped away layers of the stated negatives and helped me emerge as a dynamic and self confident person. During training, I was capable of throwing my voice to an audience ranging from thirty to almost fifty participants, answering questions posed, dealing with some tough participants with calm, confidence, patience and ease. Also, my throat chakra opened as well, “So yuh know, yuh girl eh taking no stupidness from anybody again!”

However, at all times I maintained and continue to maintain dignity and humility when dealing with ALL types of people. The end result – individual participants described me as “… patient, humble, knowledgeable, having a gift for sharing knowledge and simplifying difficult concepts…”

I told Jo-Anne, (whom I fondly call Jo-Jo) that I compare myself to a butterfly. For decades, I hid in my cocoon, afraid to come out, afraid to have the world know who I am, but Biofeedback said no more hiding, it’s time to shine, soar and let all my talents come to the fore. I still have a long way to go. But I embrace life with more zest, peace, fun and love.

In addition, Biofeedback brought realizations and led me to address deep-seated/painfully emotional issues. During a recent session, the energies sent were literally stuck. I also felt stuck and mentioned this to Jo-Jo. She asked some pertinent questions e.g. “Why do you feel stuck? Think about anything at all that may bring this emotion on? Retrace your memory to determine the first time you felt this way?”

This session led Jo-Jo to suggest my doing Original Pain Therapy (OPT) with Mrs. Lorraine Pouchet. Guess what? The point at which I thought I was stuck, was shockingly not at that age, but at an earlier age. Hand-in-hand, both Biofeedback and OPT have freed me. There is still a lot of work to do, but the perspective on the journey is more positive, compassionate and, most importantly, it was about forgiveness of self. Freedom for me began when I first forgave myself. What ah Eureka moment!

Thank you and God bless you Jo-Jo and all your great works. You are indeed a superb human being! Readers, Biofeedback is a natural and effective way of improving one’s self. Give yourself the gift of becoming the real you, God created you to be. Note though, in all things, ask God to be on this journey with you.”



“Several months ago, I underwent a Nutritional Live Blood Analysis. My blood sample showed the effects of a sedentary lifestyle combined with poor nutrition practices. I have improved the nutritional content of my meals and added exercise to my daily routine. This has resulted in me having more energy during the day, sleeping better during the night and leading an overall healthier, more active life.

I have learned that there is no quick-fix for years of unhealthy living practices but little improvements everyday can result in amazing changes.

Thank you Balance Life Systems!

Taking it one day at a time.”


“My son’s behavior from birth indicated that he would be extremely energetic. He was later diagnosed with A.D.D. by a local child psychologist who worked with him tirelessly.

After years of working on his social and mental well-being, his psychologist suggested neuro-feedback, since he was not developing as well as she expected. He began neuro-feedback two year agos. The results were positive but slow.

About four months ago, I indicated to his neuro-feedback therapist that I had also started him on Biofeedback. She was in favor of this since it complemented her work. In fact, she believes that since he started the biofeedback, he became less introverted and more outspoken.

As his parents, we believe that he is less impulsive and is more aware and considerate of others around him. He has a long way to go, but so far he has made good progress.”


“I had a lot of pain in my knees when I go up the stairs about a few years now.

Since I started the first session of the EB Detox, I noticed after two days, I am not getting pain in my knees or the joints in my fingers anymore, and I have five more sessions again to go.

This is wonderful!”


“When I came to Jo-Anne, I was sad, depressed and my heart was broken. I had lost the zest for life. I felt like I was on a fine line between life and death. I was newly out of a failed long-term relationship. I had lost my identity in someone else for so long and it seemed, in the aftermath, had been turned into the living dead. Some friends took me to Balance Life Systems.

I underwent the Biofeedback sessions that gradually brought me back to life. My mind used to be in turmoil and not at ease in trying to deal with the problems myself. The sessions always put me in a relaxed mood while in progress. The soothing music therapy for one also helped a great deal. Even the ambiance was always one of calm, peace and serenity; exactly what I needed to rejuvenate.

After each session, I always felt a calm peace over me: and a way to smile and be happy again. The sessions also rectified other areas of my life that were in need of boosting, such as self-esteem and self-love. Jo-Anne was also a great counselor in her own right, who shared her advice and input in helping me.

Her advice and the sessions helped me learn to handle things better for future use; and to remember that I was deserving of love. She was always available whenever I called her just to have someone to talk to as a friend. She was definitely somewhat like a big sister I never had.

At the end of my sessions overall I left as a happy, more confident and empowered individual. My emotions felt more stable and my temperament felt calm. Biofeedback helped me progress a long way in a short space of time.

I thank Jo-Anne for her services and for the warmth and understanding she shared.”


“After doing the H.E.B., I was able to fall asleep faster and remain asleep for longer periods of time.

My digestive system have shown significant signs of improvement also.”

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, health, and happiness”

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