Breakthrough Technology

It is now possible to observe your LIVE BLOOD through a special microscope, indicating conditions within your blood that may be affecting your health.

A LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS is a window into your health. It helps to show you the effect nutrition has on your cells and the overall condition of the terrain of the body. It also allows the Practitioner and client to observe LIVE WHITE BLOOD CELLS to demonstrate if they are functioning adequately. This may well be an excellent indicator or enzyme deficiencies and a functional immune system.

Nutritional Microscopy and Live Blood Assessment

Nutritional Microscopy and Live Blood Assessment is intended for educational and nutritional information only and is not to be considered medical advice. The use of this assessment is for education only and is not to be used for diagnosing or treating for any disease or health condition.

A LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS is a window into your health. It helps to show you the effects nutrition has on your cells. Through an Individual Assessment and proper education you will be able to make important nutritional eating habits, stress management and lifestyle changes that will help improve your health and prevent sickness and disease.


There are 5,000,000 living cells bringing life to our body. When we contaminate this blood through what we eat, what we drink, how we handle mental and emotional stress or what we breathe, we bring disease and death to our body!

Finding out could mean the difference between a healthy, energetic life or not feeling as well as you could. By monitoring the condition of your blood, a Certified Microscopist can assist you in “balancing” your system by giving you nutritional and lifestyle suggestions that when observed can enhance your overall health.


Like a river, your blood stream is the fluid of life that flows through your body. Without blood, the human body would stop working because blood supplies our cells with much needed energy. An average adult has between five and six litres of blood in his or her body. As it courses through your veins, this “river of life” carries the necessities of life – oxygen, water and food – to all the cells of the body. Blood, which your heart rapidly pumps throughout the body via miles of blood vessels, does many things to keep you alive and healthy. Its most vital functions include the transportation of oxygen from your lungs to your body’s tissue and carbon dioxide from your body’s tissues to your lungs.

Blood also carries food and water to cells, removes harmful wastes, distributes heat produced by working muscles and transports nutrients and hormones throughout your body. Additionally, it plays a critical role in fighting disease because it contains several kinds of disease-fighting substances. It is important to have healthy blood in order to have disease free life. Proper nutrition is the most important element in maintaining a healthy digestive system, active immune system and toxin free rich blood supply.



Indications of disease potentials (early warning signs of developing conditions and abnormal cell developments)
Indications of microbial activity (eg. parasites, candida or yeast, bacteria and viral indications.)
Indications of lack of nutrient absorption and various nutritional deficiencies.
Indications of early warning signs of blood sugar imbalances.
Indications of an active or inactive immune system.
Indications of compromised organ systems (kidney, liver, pancreas, female reproductive, prostate, etc.)
Indications of crystal development (cholesterol, triglycerides, ulric acid etc)
Indications of a functioning digestive system or one that is not functioning well
Indications of biochemical and physiological effects of emotional stress
Indications of the extent of how toxic your body really is…..and more!
Take responsibility for your own health. Balance your system by giving it the nutrition it needs from 100% pure plant based foods.
Drink water, half your weight in oz, divide it again by eight to get the number of glasses to drink.


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